Incubated in the Innovation Lab


Natus One was born as a true innovation lab story. What do I mean by that? Let me retrace the steps of how the product idea was conceived:

Innovating Gaming Gear

When I'm not doing crowdfunding campaigns I'm the CTO at SteelSeries where we have always been about using deep innovation to come up with cutting-edge solutions to customer painpoints. This is what has kept the brand at a leading position within gaming accessories and our secret to succes has been really simple: Find innovation by pushing technologies to the absolute limit and a great example of us doing that can be found within the field of wireless audio.


The Birth of Natus

As it turns out, DJs/musicians and gamers have a lot of things in common as far as audio goes.

In SteelSeries' innovation team we have always focused on

  • Low latency
  • Audio quality
  • Power consumption

We've found this to be the "holy trifecta" for gaming performance and achieved incredible results on pushing the limits of this wireless audio tech over the past 5 years.




In the summer of 2017 the idea that became Natus One was born. It is a simple but very powerful concept when the right technology implementation is used. This was exactly the product I had been wanting for years for DJing and using in my home studio. The innovation team did an excellent job on the product definition but we ultimately decided that the SteelSeries distribution and marketing setup wasn't the correct match for this product. We did however feel that the product had a very real use case and place in the world! We therefore decided to spin off Natus as a separate project with a goal of bringing the product to market as efficiently as possible.

The Natus team is headed up by me, SteelSeries' CTO Tino Soelberg and only include a few other team members. It is in most regards its very own little entity, but of course it has the full endorsement and support by SteelSeries it needs.

We are focused on bringing the product to market in as lean and simple ways as possible, and because of our deep experience with the technologies used as well as a very good supplier network we feel very well equipped to do so

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